Friday, 4 June 2010

Nagshead Nature Reserve

Took a trip to Nagshead today. It was very hot and as a consequence there wasn't much about. I did take quite a few photos and had a first. A Pied Flycatcher landed on a branch about 20feet away from me, I wasn't quick enough to get a shot but, maybe next time.

Blue Tit

Song Thrush

A very sick rabbit, I felt very sorry for it as it was looking rather worse for wear. I'm guessing he had myxomatosis, by the look of his face. I still cannot believe that this virus was introduced, even though the rabbit population may be out of control its till not a nice way to die.

Great Tit

I am unsure if this is still a great tit or whether its a coal/marsh tit.

Great Tit

Some kind of Weavil?

A shield bug

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