Sunday, 30 May 2010

Female House Sparrow

First up its the mice or are they baby rats? We aren't so sure now. What do you think?
Female House sparrow

Thursday, 27 May 2010

New lens and the garden birdwatch

My 'sidekick' was otherwise engaged today so I didn't travel far. I went for a nice stroll through the woods but didn't see anything of any significance. I did have a fair few visitors at the feeders today, which included:-



Brown Rat who I fear may not have much longer left to live, although they are a pest and spread disease I still don't like to see an innocent animal killed


I also had a new macro lens come yesterday and decided to have a play around with it today. It was too windy to get any decent shots and there seemed to be hardly any insects around.

The eye of my Crested Gecko, Bob

Love this shot as you can actually see the pollen on the stamens

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Water babies

The cygnets of our local pair of Mute swans have hatched after about 5 weeks of incubation. There are 7 of them and they are very cute.

Heres the pen

The proud father
Mum having a scratch
Cygnet having a scratch

All seven of them
Sunbathing on the nest

Exploring their surroundings, trying everything out with their beaks.

House Sparrow

One of the House sparrow families fledged today, although I didn't get any pictures of the chicks this is dad showing them how its done. Mum was around to and they were both teaching the chicks how to get seeds from dandelions.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Coal tit, Nuthatch and Chaffinch

We put some seed, fat nibbles and fat balls on the table down Cannop to see what we could tempt down.
Nuthatch better shot but still not the best.

Coal tit


Spring babies

Went to 3 lakes in the forest today, Speech House Lake, Woorgreen Lake and Cannop Ponds. There were a lot of babies around.
Speech House Lake

Mute swan pen sat on the nest
Mandarin ducklings we had a scary moment with these guys as the protective cob swan was about and we though that he was going to attack them at one point. Luckily his attentions were focused else where on a Mallard.

Greylag goslings, we got very close to these guys today and even had a moment where they were chasing us. Although we weren't scared of the gosling we were afraid of the over protective father who was coming towards us as well.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

More from Woorgreen lake

Greylag goslingsCanada Goose family

Adult Greylag goose