Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bugs and birds

Not been out much lately to take photos due to suffering from hay fever which is leaving me tired amongst other things. Anyway ventured into the garden today to snap a few shots of the local birds. Also got some shots of various insects whilst trying out my macro lens


Juv. Goldfinch - I have never seen a juvenile Goldfinch before so this was a real treat to see how much they change from baby to adult. You can just see a glimpse of the beauty he will become by the tail.

Heres a shot of the amazing sunset we had on the midsummers day.

Mosquito - Found this little guy on my shed hanging upside down so I flipped the image.

Hover fly in flight - not a very good shot tbh but was my first attempt
Hover fly drinking nectar
Red mite - not sure what species it is and the blue background is a compost bag


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