Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fallow Deer (Dama dama)

I've not posted a blog for a while as I've been busy with assignments and work etc and also the weather hasn't really been the best.
Anyway I went out today and saw a lot of deer. The first herd I came across consisted of around 8 fully grown stags and a single doe. They were sat in amongst the trees chewing the cud when I walked around a corner. For about 5 mins we just stared at each other me to afraid to move in case I scared them and them trying to make out if I was a threat. I had to set the camera blind as I didn't want to move too much which is why I didn't get many good pics as I put it on the wrong settings. Anyway here are a few of the good pics.

and a couple of the better bad ones.

After these had decided that I was a threat and had run off I carried on along the path and was met by a herd of around 20 yearling bucks grazing amongst the trees, I knelt down in the hopes of breaking up my profile enough so that they wouldn't run and I managed to get a few better photos of these guys before they too took off.

And then as I was walking around the corner I saw the original herd pass in front of me again and got a few better shots.