Thursday, 29 April 2010

Mallards Pike and New Fancy - Forest of Dean

Went to the New Fancy viewpoint and Mallards Pike today with Katie from, it was pouring with rain the whole time so we didn't see much. I did spot a herd of approx 10 fallow deer grazing near the entrance to Mallards pike car park which we stalked for a while and kept catching glimpses such as the one bellow but they soon lost us in the undergrowth.

Fallow Deer - dama dama
Another Mandarin Male - Aix galericulata
Saw this Goldfinch using my feeders this morning, never had them visit before and took this shot rather quickly through a leaded window hence the poor quality.


  1. THe Mandarin is a cracker and I guess you are well pleased with the visiting Goldfinch.

  2. Thanks, Ive managed to get a few good shots of the Mandarins now which i've been pleased about. Yes glad the goldfinches visited, tho I would of hoped to take a better picture, maybe next time.