Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wild Boar cull and feeding them

Well apparently the cull of Wild Boar in the Dean is just a rumour, the forestry commission have said that there is no planned cull and their stance remains the same, to only shoot problem boar. Good news I think but how long will it be before the cull is put into place?

In this weeks Forest of Dean review paper, a couple have been photographed feeding wild boar. According to the article accompanying the photos says that the have fed them mince pies, chocolate and the such. Not only is this bad for the boar but it will encourage them to seek out humans as a food source. In situations like this there can be no winners. Boar are wild animals no matter how tame they may seem they can injure you, this would probably end up with the boar being classed as a problem and killed.
Please use common sense: -
* do not feed them,
* do not approach them,
* keep your dogs under control in woodlands,
* stick to the paths
Remember Boar have as much right to be here as we do, so follow the rules above and you should have no problems with this amazing species.
Rob Ward over on Forest of Dean wildlife and nature diary has some more info and tips on wild boar.

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